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Arunima Sinha is the 1st female amputee across the globe to successfully climb the Mount Everest. Arunima who was also a former national level volleyball and football player, she lost her limb while fighting off the goons who tried to steal her gold chain while she was travelling in the Padmavati Express and was enroute the examination hall to clear her CISF test. Arunima was pushed off the running train where she lost her limb under a parallel train. The doctors at AIIMs had to amputate her leg to save her life and she spent around 4 months at the hospital to recover and be able to live life independently.

Arunima was offered various compensations including Rs. 25,000 from the Indian Sports Ministry and a two lakh compensation for medical relief from Ajay Maken, Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports. Arunima was also offered a job recommendation in CISF as well as the Indian Railways.


Arunima & Her Great Achievement


Arunima Sinha finally reached the top of Mount Everest on 21st May 2013 at precisely 10:55 am. She went up there as part of the Eco Everest Expedition that is sponsored by the Tata Group. A number of enthusiasts joined her, however, none were able to achieve what she did. Arunima Sinha was trained by none other than Bachendri Pal. To those that don’t know, Bachendri Pal was the first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest.

Her training and resolve to climb Mount Everest began while she was still being treated at the AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences). She initially excelled in the basic course that she underwent at Uttarkshi. This prompted her elder brother Omprakash to encourage her to climb Everest. She was able to do so with the funding from the Ramakrishna Mission located in Vadodara.

Arunima initially scaled Island Peak that stands at 6150 meters in her preparation for climbing Everest. Arunima Sinha completed her training for the expedition in 2012 and she did so at the Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF) sponsored Uttarkashi camp. Arunima draws here inspiration from Yuvraj Singh. His battle against cancer prompted Arunima to do something big with her life and make a statement to those around her.

Anurima did not let her disability get in the way of achieving her dreams. Apart from being the first ever amputee to successfully climb Mount Everest, she has also won the Padma Shri to her name.

Anurima wrote a book “Born again on the mountain” in December 2014 which was launched by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Anurima revealed that her inspiration to climb Mount Everest came from cricketer Yuvraj Singh who battled cancer and came back stronger than ever. She was in tough with Bachendri Pai, the first Indian woman who climbed Mount Everest. In preparation to climb, she practiced climbing Island Peak which stands 6150 meters high.

After completing her climb successfully, Arunima was felicitated at a function in Lucknow and was honored with a cheque of INR 25 lakh from Yogi Aditya Nath, who was the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in waiting at the time.

Featured Photo by theglobalpanorama

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