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Every country has its share of rich traditions, culture, and fashions. India is one such country full of awe-inspiring designs and fashions such as the saree. BharatSthali is reinventing the way Indians look at the traditional attire of saree.

In a world of fast fashion, high street brands and trends that fizzle out in days, it is a relief to find designers and entrepreneurs to try a more sensible approach. Due to the modern world and comfort factor, Indians have discarded the sari to be worn only on special occasions. It is a garment loved and passed on from generation to generation. In fact not many Indian women even bother buying saris and choose to borrow it from their mothers or grandmothers.

While it is prudent to accept modern influences and comfortable dresses that make it easy for your daily errands and routine, one shouldn’t forget their roots. Saris are being modernized or draped and made in current fabrics to make them agreeable. The era of handloom, hand-woven saris that cost a fortune is long gone.

Sumati Parmar, the founder of Bharatsthali saw an opening among all the changes in the fashion industry and jumped at it. Her idea was to promote and encourage the traditional art of handloom and hand weaving which was a skill among Indian craftsmen.

The modernization of the fashion industry meant skilled laborers losing their jobs to machines and cheap, efficient garments being sold in shops and on websites. Bharasthali uses handwoven garments which is an art, now known to a few and environment-friendly. Fast fashion has its dark side with the garments being thrown in the garbage that is piling up and creating an environmental apocalypse.

Bharasthali makes and sells sustainable, eco-friendly saris that can last years with the right care. Weavers and artisans sit for hours daily to make the perfect sari a woman can ever need. The e-commerce website simplifies the trouble one has to go through by directly partnering with the weavers and craftsmen.

This means they get a good share of the sales which is not the case when middlemen are involved. Bharatsthali gives these hard working laborers their due and pays homage to Indian traditional arts and crafts by selling their wares.

Bharatsthali doesn’t only sell saris but the whole gamut of accessories required with the outfit such as blouses. Every occasion is represented from festival to work to daily wear. The website is championing the return of the sari to a modern Indian woman’s life and a lot of the fabrics used are sturdy and easy to wear.

There are the traditional and much-loved styles such as the Kanjeevaram, Bhagalpuri, and Coimbatore for the women who want to dress up. And there are the daily wear saris in cotton, raw silk, linen and crepe silk for young women who want to start trying the sari.

Bharatsthali Saris have been awarded the Silk Mark India symbol for their integrity, originality, and purity. It assures the customer of the provenance of the sari and that it is actually sustainable, traditional and representative of local and regional art. All the states of India have been duly represented in their catalog.

The saris can be delivered anywhere in India along with the blouses. Instead of making a trip to far-flung places which sold handloom saris now you can buy them right at home which is what a lot of young Indians prefer.

The prices for the heritage saris are steep but you have to consider that you are buying a piece of art that will last for years and maybe can be passed on to your children. Bharatsthali now allows you to spend your money on one effective, long lasting garment instead of multiple, shoddily made outfits that will be thrown away in a months time.

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