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Data Intelligence is changing the way we live. Knowing the right statistics can help provide solutions and solve crimes. According to Prukalpa Sankar, co-founder of Social Cops, data gathering and intelligence can save our country from a spate of crimes and issues.

The Indian Government is responsible for the largest democracy in the world. A large chunk of the population is young and active. In fact, India remains one of the biggest youth and active populations in the world. While this is good news for employers, companies and our future, it can be complicated too. Young, impressionable minds are put into battle with each other over jobs. For India to progress and keep its citizens employed and occupied, job creation is vital. The cutthroat world of employment is brutal and it pushes people into desperation. These desperate and angry people can turn to crime or violence. According to statistics and reports, cities have a higher crime ratio than towns or villages. Delhi, for example, accounts for almost 15% and more of the crimes reported in the entire country. Isn’t that number staggering? But knowing that number can actually help officials and authorities. Crimes against women have risen faster than the population. The number of reported crimes are still dismal because of the stigma involved in society and India.

Even if the Government wants to actively fight against crime, their hands are tied. The statistics, data, and numbers are often muddled or outdated. You need to know what monster it is you are fighting. Or how often does a particular crime happen and the location? The traditional model of doing research or conducting surveys is outdated and consumes too much time. With a digital age on our hands, its time to look in the future. Prukalpa Sankar wants to use the technology we have to fight the problems we face. We use data for everything, from ordering food to cabs to clothes. So why not use data to fight crime? Data is also more than just numbers. It is patterns, growth and decline areas and indicators. It can also be utilized for enhancing and providing amenities such as education, sanitation, transport, and business. Private organizations, Governments, corporations, and companies are in dire need of the right data and information to tackle their problems. The biggest hurdle in data intelligence is often the gathering, analysis and visualizing data.

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Companies spend millions of rupees and man-hours on data gathering and analyzing. Some organizations even spend 3-6 months a year on data gathering. It is strenuous and often wasteful. Prukalpa thought it would be prudent if she eliminated this arduous process for them. Her focus remains on social change and activities but she decided to create a platform that gathers data for everyone. Primary data is collected by Prukalpa and her team at SocialCops by doing surveys, interviewing external and internal sources. The data is then cleaned by an analyst or scientist. The scientist spends time studying it from various angles and removes unnecessary information. The final and third step involves presenting the data in a clear, crisp form so the decision makers can take a call. An Android-based platform, they have specific software products to deal with data. Located in New Delhi, they have worked with nearly 150 organizations in 26 countries. Prukalpa has also partnered with brands such as Oxfam India, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Government of India and the United Nations. From 2013, it has been on a mission to empower individuals and companies with the right data. Prukalpa Sankar and her founder Varun Banka have been felicitated and written about by various media companies. Forbes has named her in several lists of Young Entrepreneurs and even their 30 Under 30 List. SocialCops has also won the Best Social Impact StartUp Award by Franchise India.

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