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The law is a tricky business in India. Courts delay judgments, lawyers often give you the wrong advice and nobody knows how to solve any dispute. Helpline Law is a boon to such troubled people in India.

Life is unpredictable. You don’t know when calamity might strike. In serious situations, one can suffer an accident or injury or even be robbed. Since the laws in our country are often archaic and complicated, we need help. Our schools and colleges skip the part where we are taught about our laws and rights. Other than a basic glance at the Constitution, nobody ever learns much. Hence we have to rely completely on a lawyer. Getting right and efficient legal help can sometimes be the difference between life and death. A good lawyer will support you, counsel you and provide you with all the answers you need. But where does one find a good lawyer?   A good lawyer can be the only thing you need to win a case. 

The Indian legal system is known to be a quagmire. Property disputes or even divorces can sometimes take years to get solved or heard by the court. For a common man who is bound by financial restraints, this can be emotionally and personally exhausting. They want useful, helpful legal access and aid which can answer their dilemmas without being a strain. Most of them just approach the many lawyers queued up outside local courts and accept their advice as gospel. Nobody wonders if there is any other way out of this. Helpline Law is the one stop shop for anybody needing legal aid and support.

Founded in 2000, Helpline Law is a one of its kind online legal service portal in India. Started to provide affordable, actual help to the common man, it has now blossomed into an international venture. The Internet was just being discovered by a man in 2000. A website that offered legal data, cases, information and answered your queries was perfect for many frustrated Indians. Lawyers and law firms drown their clients in legalese and confusing jargon so they give up and believe what the lawyers say. Helpline Law made law real, understandable and easy. One of its goals was to educate the common man in India who is so unaware of his or her rights and laws. If you know what the law is, you can ask better questions and demand more from your lawyer. Being an informed citizen will also assist you in choosing a lawyer who fits your needs and budget.  Justice may be blind but the consumer doesn’t need to be as they peruse Helpline Law for pertinent information. 

Legal assistance is needed in a lot of stages and phases of our life. Helpline Law has a plethora of options for you to choose from. Based in New Delhi, the website lets you review law firms and lawyers before you make a pick. Clients can even schedule phone consultations before making a final decision. They are currently located in 275 cities in India and can connect you to any lawyer of any specialty or field depending on your requirement. If you wanted to settle a property dispute, you need an expert in that field and not somebody who has never handled such a case before. Helpline Law eases your pain of personally finding an expert by connecting you to the specialized lawyer of your dreams.

In 2004, they went international and now offer services in 207 countries! Their focus remains India and its citizens as you gather from the website of Helpline Law. It is exhaustive and has blogs, articles, data, and information about the laws, judiciary, and research and landmark cases. Laymen can even access the Helpline Law website to find answers to simple questions about income tax, marriage laws, immigration or registration of property. Check out the Helpline Law website anytime you have a legal query and reside in India. All the information about recent cases, laws, and rules are available on Helpline Law.  

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