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Are you an Indian woman? Have you ever felt the need for legal help but felt stuck? Especially if you come from an underprivileged background. Lawyers Collective was founded to help Indian women with legal assistance.

The justice system in India is a complicated one. Courts are available if we are in distress but the road is a long and difficult path. Very few people or families can afford lawyers. At any point, the judiciary doesn’t take into consideration the real issues facing the common man. Cases can go on for years and years. Sometimes the original petitioner even dies waiting for a result! Harsh or cruel it may seem but its true. Things may get strenuous if you are a woman. Women in India are a marginalized section. They don’t have access to the same benefits or opportunities as women. Indira Jaisingh and Anand Grover felt something had to be done.
Rural women are often abused by their partners. They also are unaware of their property rights. Illiteracy makes it so that they don’t know what they are owed. Men take advantage of it and cheat their partners. They are stranded with no legal recourse or options. Lawyers Collective was created so women could access real, positive legal aid. The not for profit organization is a boon for rural and urban women. Indira and Anand enlisted proficient lawyers, secretaries, consultants, and activists. They formed a strong support system for the Indian woman. Since 1981, Lawyers Collective has been based in Delhi. The center of India, it allows them a 360-degree view of the country. Lawyers Collective also does public litigation at cheaper rates for the ordinary man and woman. By reaching out to them a woman knows that she will get the best and cost-effective legal advice she can afford. They also focus on several vital issues that affect Indian women and men.
India is still a patriarchal and regressive society in several matters. Women of all classes face discrimination in personal and professional scenarios. For example, people suffering from HIV or Aids are shunned by society. Lawyer’s Collective drafted a bill so they could create a law for fighting discrimination. This will ensure anyone having HIV or Aids does not get fired or ignored in sanitation and healthcare facilities.
They continue to persist in controversial issues and matters that need looking after. For centuries, India has made homosexuality illegal. It was literally a crime for a man to love another man or a woman to love another woman. Many Indians lived in fear and secrecy because they couldn’t be open about their love lives. The terror of being ostracized and shunned by society is enough for men and women. Lawyers Collective teamed up with Naaz Foundation, the face of LGBTQ rights in India. The fight has gone for decades and several appeals have been filed. Lawyers Collective was the legal team fighting for the decriminalization of homosexuality. The battle was finally won last year and now it isn’t a punishment to love somebody of the same sex. They have also fought for crucial cases such as allowing poor and marginalized people access to life-saving medicine. In a national case that swept that headlines for weeks, they fought against a massive pharmaceutical company. A typical David vs Goliath battle, it changed the way pharmaceutical companies sell and distribute medicine.
The NGO has worked relentlessly to support women in various sections. It also received a grant from the United Nations Development Fund for Women to continue their good work. Whether you require legal assistance or support for fighting a bigger and national issue, they are always available to aid the good guys.
Featured Photo By The Blue Diamond Gallery
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