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Nivedita Menon is a writer and she is also a professor at the Jawaharlal Nehru University. She is fondly also known as,” Nivi” by her students and peers. Nivedita Menon is from a middle-class family and has been brought up in several parts of India including, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi. She known for taking positions and stands on topics related to political issues.

A writer whose is not shy of penning her thoughts and views

Nivedita Menon has written many books and is known to her content and has received favorable reviews. One of her books that she wrote which was titled. “Like a Feminist” was released in 2012 which received great reviews and also saw huge sales especially because of the uproar that followed the 2012 Delhi gang-rape incident. The reviews about the book only had good things to say about how the distinct topics of gender biases were explained beautifully in a simple manner using social institutions, policy, and common ideas. She had written as well as edited several books on feminism. She also writes on the current issues and publishes the same in the journals like Economic and Political Weekly, which is an online blog and several other newspapers. Her writings and books have always helped in opening a discussion on topics which have not always been discussed in open forums and in the media. Several reviews on her writings are credited to her for clearing several myths on topics such as gender biases.

A professor and a writer known for her strong views

Nivedita Menon has never shied away or been intimidated by the thought of sharing what she feels is right or taking a stand on political matters and sharing her opinion. During the protests of the 2016 JNU case, because of her involvement, she had come under a lot of criticism by the Bhartiya Janta Party. This did not scare her from continuing and sticking to what she believed in. Nivedita Menon has also openly stated her opposition against Nuclear Power. There have been several debates on the Kashmir issues in India and Nivedita has not been far behind in sharing her thoughts and her stand on the topic. Her speech and comments on the Kashmir issues created a huge controversy where people targeted her for stating that Kashmir has been illegally occupied by India.

She was even labeled as an anti-national. Nivedita later did clarify that she has not made any anti-nationals comments and what she actually meant was, we must accept that Kashmir’s call for freedom is absolutely justified and if Kashmiri’s shout for Azadi, then shouldn’t this be looked into the context of India being seen as an imperialist country internationally. There were a number of people who came in support of Nivedita post her speech on this topic. Her speech and comments went viral on social media. There were many activists who also stated that Nivedita was being targeted by the media. She even won the A. K. Ramanujan award in 1994 for translation of Malayalam and Hindi into English.

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