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There are very few things that give us true pleasure in life. Reading is one of them. Finding a good book, getting engrossed by those characters is a trip one must take. Book Thela understands that and spreads the love of reading further.

The age of smart phones, digital storytelling, Netflix and online streaming is upon us. These pursuits take up a lot of our free time. The digital age meant that books are becoming a hobby and passion of the past. While a lot of books are now available in digital format, it isn’t the same thing.

Started by a young woman entrepreneur Riticka Srivastav, Book Thela is aimed at offering books to readers all across India. A novel idea aside, she also sets a model to many young men and women across India as a young female entrepreneur.

The business world is developing and there are many young thinkers out there with a vision. It is a challenge for many to achieve their goals and dreams but Riticka did it and her story can inspire you not just with the determination but her unique business idea.

The committed business woman has worked with many startups prior to opening Book Thela. Seeing the business and entrepreneurship world up-close, she realized her passion and dream of helping book lovers across India find books at easy and affordable costs.

An online book store, Book Thela allows you to purchase new and previously owned books at ridiculously affordable prices! You can browse through their exciting collection sitting right at home and order your next read with a few clicks. The books then get delivered to you anywhere in India and you can settle in for a long comfortable ride with your new book.

As a student and bibliophile, Riticka understood the struggle of indulging her passion for reading without spending all her money on it. Good books are never cheap and while older people can afford 1-2 books a month, students, interns and young kids can’t really spend their pocket money on a book. You have to wait for the book store to go on sale or search for it on Amazon when it offers a discount.

Book stores are a rare breed nowadays. You will find a measly few books stocked and readers end up traveling to different parts of the city just to find their favorite author. Only the dedicated book readers manage to make that trek and books begin to become a headache instead of a hobby.

Riticka found a solution to all her woes and created a profitable business platform that is allowing Indians to access their favorite authors and stories at reasonable costs. Book Thela offers books in all categories of fiction and non-fiction.

This one year old venture has major plans of expansion in the future thanks to the amazing response it has received. Books start at 39 INR (Yes, a book costs less than a coffee!) and are available only in English and Hindi.

Book Thela assures you that they will add regional books soon and that can help revive the love for regional literature among young Indians. Trade and study materials are also available for sensible prices for students preparing for exams.

Book Thela knows that you can have an urge to read a particular book. They have a special ‘Request a Book’ section for all you book lovers. You can provide them all the necessary details and they will try to find and deliver the book to you. Touches like these and their exemplary delivery service makes Book Thela stand out amongst the competition.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Book Thela!

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