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Kolkata is a city caught between its traditions and the modern world. Trams and rickety yellow cabs exist along with new eateries, millennials, and an evolving city.  And nothing shouts Bengali like the Rasgolla. This white, fluffy, juicy and sugary sweet is the embodiment of Bengali cuisine around the world.

Tourists and travelers all across the country and the world flock to Kolkata in the search of finding the right Rasgolla. While the oldies prefer the traditional sweet served in a dollop of sugar syrup, the youngsters are not so convinced. Changing mindsets and a tendency to avoid sugar led to a decline in consumption of Indian sweets and the Rasgolla became only a staple to be had at weddings or festivals.

Swati’s Brilliant Idea That Clicked…..

Understanding the need for the sweet and cuisine to adapt to a changing universe, Swati Saraf decided to create a modern version of the chenna loaded dough ball. Started in April 2016, this 2-year-old Rasgolla business titled ‘Swati’s Flavours of Rasgolla’ is already creating waves because of the huge number of options available for foodies.

Mixing fruit extracts, flavors and minimal sugar with chenna, Swati Saraf created the ultimate menu of Rasgollas. Eschewing the traditional sugar-laden ones, her store doles out 270 types of Rasgollas! Yes, you read it right, 270! There are enough varieties and flavors to even sway the fussiest of eaters.

While there are a lot of stores serving many varieties of ice cream, Saraf took a leap because of the Bengali obsession with Rasgollas. She knew she would have a hit on her hands as the beloved sweet was long overdue for an upgrade. And what an upgrade it is!

Some of the flavors in this whacky sweet business include Cappucino, Strawberry, Black Currant, Green Apple, Elaichi, Red Guava, Barley Lemon, Kairi, Chili, Rose, Paan, Kala Khatta, Clove, Cinnamon, Tomato, Organic Rose, Watermelon and Bubblegum to name a few. Capturing on the second love of most Bengalis which is the puchka, Swati even serves a puchka flavored Rasgolla. The sweet and savory flavor mix perfectly well to leave a tangy taste in your mouth. For the adventurous souls, there is a Maggi flavored Rasgolla as well! These flavors have been picked after a lot of research by Swati and you will find each one is unique in its way. In fact the only flavor you can’t find here is the regular one!

The flavors also differ during the seasons. You can find Alphonso flavored Rasgolla during summer while the bhang flavored Rasgolla makes its way to customers during Holi. Keeping in mind the health factor, Swati uses very little to no sugar in her creations and makes them bite sized so you can even have 5 in one go!

Making 3,000 Rasgollas daily, Swati has managed to combine the charm of an Indian sweet store and sell it in a modern manner. The business doesn’t have a brick and mortar store yet and can only be found in food festivals, private events or parties.

Priced at a reasonable 25 INR per piece, Swati takes orders for 25 pieces and upwards. Customers and clients will find the sweets packed wonderfully in pleasing boxes and stationery. She can create gift boxes of favors to offer guests at weddings and celebrations. We promise you that should you order from Swati, your guests are going to have incomparable Rasgolla experience in Kolkata.

Catering for events, functions, and parties, Swati Saraf takes the personalizing aspect very seriously. She will help design and serve Rasgollas that blend with your theme and taste. Foodies, locals, tourists, and travels have to put Swati’s Flavours on their itinerary.

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