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Vidya Balan is a household name in India and in most parts of the world as well. There are a number of women that look up to Vidya Balan and try to emulate her success. The story of Vidya Balan is definitely inspiring and there are a number of things that she has done that are definitely worth commending.

Her Courageous Journey

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Vidya Balan was born on the first day of the year in 1979. She aspired to be an actress since her younger days and even bagged a role in the popular TV series Hum Paanch that aired in 1995. Vidya received a number of accolades for her role, however, that did not go to her head. She went on to complete her studies and procured her Masters in Sociology. After this, she tried to venture into movies.

Despite being a known name, her venture was not so successful. She made her peace with making appearances in a handful of music videos and a few TV commercials. She got a break in the Bengali drama film, Bhalo Theko, which released in 2003. Even after that, she struggled to bag a meaty role in the Indian film industry until Parineeta came along in 2005. Vidya was praised by critics for her role in the movie and she has not looked back since.

Standing Out Amongst The Crowd

vidya balan photo

Photo by Ultra India

Vidya Balan has always been bold when it comes to choosing the kind of movies she works in. She has never let anyone influence her decisions or her choices and it’s these choices and bold subjects that make her unique and different as compared to most of the actresses in mainstream cinema today.

Whether you talk of sending out a loud message in her movie Kahani 2 with regards to addressing sex abuse in children or whether you talk about her amazing role in Tumhari Sulu, she is one woman who can pull off any role with ease and make it look believable.

Vidya has never been a size zero actress and doesn’t intend on being one either. She is comfortable in her skin and although she is not exactly what Indian cinema would label as ‘fit’ she has still managed to make people fall in love with her because of her outstanding acting skills and confidence.

She has always spoken about woman empowerment and she doesn’t shy away from putting things across the way they need to be. There are not many women who can manage to do that and this is what impresses people about her.

Vidya is confident, beautiful and she encourages other women to be that way and to stand out rather than try to copy someone else. She is a perfect example of a woman of substance, one who is proud of herself and not afraid to face the world with the choices she makes.

She leaves most people in awe of her beauty, her smile and most importantly the confidence that oozes out of her.

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