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Vrinda Grover is a lawyer as well as women and . She is from New Delhi, India. Her contribution to the field of law and fight for human and women rights in India is huge. She is an awareness speaker and has been invited to attend several seminars and attend various colleges and schools to give her speeches and talk about the human and women rights in the country. Not many people are aware of the laws and rights and Vrinda Grover wants to make people aware of the same.

Influenced women rights on a large scale in India

Vrinda Grover completed her studies in History from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. She got her degree in law from Delhi University and a Masters in Law from New York University. Her contribution to the field of law for women has been exceptional. She has been named amongst the 100 most influential people in the world as per Time magazine in 2013. Her work has received recognition on a national and international level. She has challenged the government on various issues and laws that are implemented. She has also challenged the death penalty in India. Vrinda Grover’s prime motive remains to reduce the number of rapes and domestic violence against women around the world. She has played a pivotal role, as her research and writings have been taken into consideration while bringing up many laws in the subordination of women.

Fight against the law for women protection and equality in India

Vrinda Grover has represented and appeared for victims in many prominent cases like the Soni Suri Rape case, the Hashimpura police killings case, The Ishrat Jahan case and the Anti-Christian riots in Kandhamal in 2008. She has been the face to fight against such cases where there has been violence and injustice against women and children in specific. She served as a counsel for one of the main accused in the 2001 Parliament attack case. She also represented seven of the gangrape survivors during communal violence in the Muzaffarnagar Massacre case in 2013. Her will for fighting against wrong and the activists developed during her college days. This happened because St. Stephen’s college had a tradition of rating the female student population according to their physical attributes. This was strongly opposed by Vrinda Grover and a group of other students.

While they were threatened with expulsion for their protest, however, they did not budge from their stand and finally, the institution banned the practice. Vrinda Grover is part of many organizations and groups within India as well as overseas. Currently, she is a researcher at the Nehru Memorial Museum and library. She has been a board member of green peace, an executive director of Multiple Action Research Group and many more. She is also actively engaged in UN human rights programs. She is a South Asians for Human Rights member, UN Women India Civil Society Advisory Group and a founder member of the Human Rights in India Working Group and the UN.

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